Monday, June 2, 2008

Team LRJ Studios Present

Team LRJ Studio's DEV Project ;


Anonymous said...

Hi Justus, Rence, and Richard,

Absolutely extraordinary!!

From your major concept which you made clear throughout by the title and various references, to your invitation to enter on the exciting front page, to your engaging videos, to your solutions and annotations, to your credit section, to your deeply thoughtful and honest reflections--


I am most struck by the depth of your thought as you reflected upon your work. You've captured not only the fun that you had and the challenges you faced mathematically, but also the realization of the immense value of the project. These phrases -- "deepen my understanding of mathematics profoundly", "created our weaknesses into strengths", "I'll always be looking for a better way to do it and solve it" created chills of excitement in me as a teacher! Oh, Yes!!!

One question, my sense is you fed off each others' energy and learning. Hdo you think your experience might have differed had you to develop your expert voice by yourself?

Kudos to you for your excellence!!!

Best wishes,

Rence said...

Hello Lani,

Sorry for the late reply, but first, We want to thank you for your comment. Your comment means a lot to us. We put a lot of work into our project and we thank you for the amount of praise we have recieved.

We are glad that we have excited you as a teacher, as we have gone through the same emotion during the duration of this course through out the year.

Now to answer your question, our experience would have been massively different had we developed this project by ourselves. Truly, this project has brought us closer as friends and students. Had we made separate projects, we would have different projects as well as something not as creative. Together, our creativity "exploded" and we basically had the project come to the level we wanted it to be.

Again, thank you very much.

On behalf of Team LRJ,

Skyline said...

Hello Lani,

I would first like to apoligize for taking so long to respond to your comment, it is greatly appreciated!

I would also like to take this time to thank you for your accolades they mean quite a bit!

To answer your question about how I feel the project would have changed tremendously, if I had done it by myself. I feel the math content wouldn't have been anywhere near the quality seen in the final product of the project, had I been alone in its construction.

Creativity wise, the final result seen in the videos, is the sum of our individual ideas, and thoughts for how the project should have gone. If I had done the project by myself there would have been only 1/3 the creative content, which as far as I can see, is kind of bland.
We all contributed ideas and jokes and camera angles and scenes and math content, etc, etc until we ended up with MITSOP in its entirety.

In conclusion, (and to put it simply) our DEV wouldn't have been anything near what it became.

Thanks again for your questions and feedback, and also thanks for your time (that being the time to respond, and watch the videos.)

On behalf of the "J" in Team LRJ Studios,
Justus :]