Monday, January 21, 2008

Developing Expert Voices

hey guys this is Kimberley's and Anthony's dev project. Finally we can rest.

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Lani said...

Hi Kimberly and Anthony,

There is no doubt that you have put more than significant effort into this project! Very nicely done! And the context you've used for your problems just happens to be one of my favorites! The annotations (once I figured out how to move the slidshow one slide at a time at my pace; slow learner here I'm afraid) were extremely helpful. It was obvious, Anthony, that you did take the time to view this project through two lenses-- student and teacher!

I'm wondering if following Mr. K's model (on your daily class slides he cites all his image sources) might be a valuable option?

You both suggested that this was an assignment that should be continued because it contributed so much to your learning. Would you also suggest that similar projects would be valuable in your other courses?(perhaps there are in those courses already?)