Tuesday, June 10, 2008

D.E.V 08 Cj and Chunky

You may want to let all the pictures load before you begin..

Splashcast shows aren't allowed to exceed over 75 slides or something..
so our dev project is split into two (very uneven, haha) shows.
Please make sure you're starting off on the proper show.

SHOW 1 = Chunky & CJ's DEV Project - PART ONE
SHOW 2 = Chunky & CJ's DEV Project - PART TWO

Easy enough :)


Lani said...

Hi CJ and Chunky!

I really enjoyed the adventures of Milo! The happy girl image was perfect!

Now that you've finished your project, can you reflect back on what you've learned and how well you feel you developed your expert voice?

Best wishes,

adamson said...

Alright so I would give my project a probable intermediate (I forgot what the level was after novice) between journeyman.

Mathematical challenge would probably be a intermediate (again i forgot what it was called)although the questions were long it was basically repeatative, I also stand by my marking in my annotation. As for my presentation, I would give it an above novice but below intermediate... although the happy girl image was "perfect" i still stand by my; above novice but below intermediate... Creativity? Bleh. We just made questions that would relate to us in the future, well maybe not the whole fractal cake but you know...

Chunky's rating: 2.35953465 out of 4