Friday, June 6, 2008


Yay, we're finally done! It's NOT LATE, despite some technical difficulties and slideshare being, let's say a "birchtree". We'd give the link to you, but first you have to walk down Abbey Road...go ahead, I know you want to. Just be normal and walk on your two feet, not on your hands like that guy from Sicko.

That was the link to the blogger page where only the journal entries with DEV questions are posted. Yes, a whole book is written. If you have the patience to read it, just click on the May 30 archive. Our blogger page is messed up since there's no buttons for commenting, but that's what the livejournal one is for. Type your name on the subject line, just so we know who people are, unless you want to remain anonymous.


Lani said...

Hi Jamie and Nelsa!

Oh my! What fun! How creative! You've really outdone yourselves. "Strawberry Fields Forever"-- the story, the theater, and the problems; you had me engaged and held my attention throughout!

Now that you've completed this really massive project, would you do it again the same way? Can you tell me what you think is the most important thing you learned?


PBnJamieSnagwich said...

personally, i have no regrets with what we did with this project, but maybe if we had to do it again, possibly add more of our ideas that didn't make it past the cutting floor. i mean, we were given a budget, and some time, just kidding. no budget, just our creative minds and the great content that the creative commons license offers us. but the most important thing i learned is not to "leave things for later" because we didn't have much time to think things through. it was hard as well, because we had to start over again. but we managed. that probably didn't answer the question properly so i'll come back to it with a better answer soon.