Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chronicles of Captain Jabbamathee. DEV.

Okay well, the DEV is done. Here's the link to our DEV project.

Chronicles of Captain Jabbamathee!

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Lani said...

Hi Roxanne, Francis, and Eleven,

What a good project! Your teamwork really paid off!

The organization makes it easy to follow; you always engaged your learner with music and images for each question, you pull it all together with a good story---very nicely done. I really like the image on the title page of the credits slideshare!

You are to be commended for your realizations that explaining, asking why, and understanding make a tremendous difference in learning and that this project accomplished just that!

You mentioned that this was a good review for the exam; now that the test is over, can you share the impact you felt this project had on your success?

Best wishes,