Thursday, May 15, 2008

D E Vious

Hello and welcome to our DEV! Below are our questions in text followed by our video presentations. Enjoy!

"The Barry Bonds Question"

Question is in the video.

"The Maximum Triangle"

A circle of radius 5 has a triangle drawn from it's diameter to a point of the circle where the far right of the circle lies on (5,0). For what value of x will the enclosed triangle have the largest area?

"Finding the Lost K"

On the interval 1 is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 2, for what value of K will the area enclosed between the graphs of f(x) = -(1/x)+k and g(x) = sqr(x) will equal the area enclosed by f(x) and the x axis.

"The Increasing Circle"

A circle with a starting radius of 5cm grows at one point by the radius extending at a rate of 1cm/min. This expanding radius goes around the circle at a rate of 1 revolution per minute. Now this object also has depth. Which at 1 minute is 1m. Since matter cannot be created of destroyed the depth must shrink as the radius expands. What rate does the depth have to shrink at?

"The Triple Graph"

What is the volume of the solid created by rotating the rea enclosed by f(x) = x^3-1, g(x) = e^x and h(x) = -(1/x)+2 and the coordinate axis in quadrant 1 around the x axis?

"The Beast"

Solve the following differential equation in the video.

"The Reflection"

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy!

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Lani said...

Hi Chris, Craig, and Graeme,

First, apologies for the error in the comment on your podcast--

Your DEV project is so engaging as I mentioned there! The real world application in the Barry Bond's problem is very effective as was the calculator demonstration in triple graph. The music seemed perfect for each problem and it was fun to hear how the timing was an accident at first and then became very deliberate.

I was particularly struck by the images and music in the reflection. I'm wondering how you found working in a group this year different from last year's individual projects? How did it impact the depth of your math or tech learning?

Kudos on all you've achieved-
Best wishes,