Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dora's DEV Adventure

Hey everybody!!

This is the Developing Expert Voices project of m@rk, -zeph, and me, benofschool...
It took a while to finish but finally here it is!!!

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Lani said...

Hi there Mark, Zeph, and Benofschool!

I had not known Dora and Boots prior to your project! Thanks for the introduction; the context they provided for your project was perfect!

You are great teachers! You engage your students, provide a good challenge, and then scaffold learning with excellent annotations! Your expert voice was loud and clear!

In addition, you have become wonderfully reflective learners who value teamwork and the opportunity to learn from each other! Bravo!!

I'm wondering, now that you've finished, is there anything you'd do differently? Is there anyway to improve on this excellent project?

Best wishes,