Tuesday, May 6, 2008

De^v APcalc Project

Here is the link to the De^v APcalc project of both Dino and Tim_MATH_y. Here is just a taste of our project. Enjoy!


Lani said...

Hi Dino and Tim_MATH_y,

A round of applause for totally engaging me in your project with the Animoto previews! Quite the teachers you are as engagement is an initial step in the learning cycle, one that you absolutely accomplished! I guess it's apparent I loved them!

Not only that, your design for organizing your questions and solutions was clear and very consistent which often helps many in learning. And the format for your conclusion was resourceful and professional!

You obviously spend more than significant time in the design and development of your project (with great success!), so much so that if I understand you correctly in your conclusion Tim_Math_y, you felt is was not equal to the value of what you learned? I wondered about this as you also noted the project expanded your thinking and was a great tool for reviewing? Am I missing something here?

Dino, my sense is that you see the DEV project as a very valuable one; I'm wondering why you view its value more in review than in teaching?

Congratulations on developing your expert voices with such an extraordinary project!

Best wishes,

Tim_MATH_y said...

Ah! Thanks for the comment! Well to be honest, this project could be looked at with many different views.

This project is the largest of projects that I have had to do (annually with Mr. K), and Im telling the truth when I say that it takes quite the investment. In one sense, I believed that I could have learned more with the time invested. However, in another sense, DEV proved to be a very useful review and no matter how I look at it, I still learned many things from this project.

Most importantly, I learned things that I would not normally notice from a different perspective (student perspective).

So in conclusion, this project could be looked at with different views.